EFI  Vutek GS3250 PRO

126'' Roll and Flatbed Digital UV Press with six colors plus white and three-layer capability.  Will put up to 1080 DPI, perfect for printing fluted plastic styrene, foam boards, PVC, lexan, favrics, and more


hp 365 LATEX

The HP Latex 365 Printer produces indoor and outdoor prints on a variety of traditional signage substrates.   And high-quality, durable prints provide scratch resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks.


Multicam Digital Express CNC Cutter/Router

5' x 10' cutting/routing area with the ability to cut plastic, styrene, PVC, foam boards, decals, and more.  Will route plexiglass, metal, wood, and more.


5' x 10' laminating area with roll holders for applying vinyl to large flexible substrates.


Miller weldmaster t-100

Hot wedge welder for hemming banners.  Fast, efficient, and more reliable than banner tape.

Banner Welder

Miller weldmaster Inline

Hot Air Inline Welder for seaming, hemming, making pole pockets, for large flexible faces.

Billboard Welder